The Bill of Rights for Artists Logo

The Bill of Rights for Artists' logo design is shown below:


 The logo has been designed such that it can be used by all the creative disciplines, such as writers, musicians, painters, etc. The icon to the left of the logo is the traffic light 'Go' icon that we use to promote competitions and appeals that comply with the Bill of Rights.

Usage of the Bill of Rights Logo

The logo can only be used by organisations that have agreed to be supporters of the Artists' Bill of Rights, that is they will neither organise nor sponsor contests that do not comply with the standards set out in the Bill of Rights. If you find an organisation using the logo to promote themselves and their contest and they are not on the Bill of Rights Supporters List please contact us to tell us about this.

Logo for Individual Supporters

Many people, working professionals, amateurs and members of the public support the aims of the Artists' Bill of Rights . To enable them to declare their support we have created an Artists' Bill of Rights Logo for individuals to freely use on their own website.


Feel free to use this logo on your website and we would be grateful if you would link it to the Artists' Bill of Rights home page at

Logos in Other Languages

We are grateful to Bojan RantaĊĦa of VeloFest who kindly supplied the translation to enable a Macedonian version of the logo to be made.

You can see it below and we hope to add versions of the logo in other languages. Perhaps you, the reader, might like to offer the appropriate text in your language for the Bill of Rights Logo.

bill-of-rights-logo-macedonia   Macedonia