Global Photography Awards announces $150,000 Grand Prize competition

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 01:04


Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the World’s richest photography competition. Select your best work, submit your photos and win a $150,000 Grand Prize. 

Submissions open July 1st, 2015.

"Global Photography Awards aims to promote the beauty of the photograph. It does not matter if the photo was shot in the past or shot in the present, framed by a professional or an amateur. Our desire is to find a one photograph that is worthy of the Grand Prize."

A "Rights On" competition

traffic light goGlobal Photography Awards worked with Artists Bill of Rights to ensure entrants' rights will be properly respected, as listed in our Principles for Rights On competitions. Global Photography Awards will also preserve metadata and authorship, in addition to preserving image integrity, to every extent possible. View their terms for complete information.

Prize Breakdown

Top 4 semifinalists including one guest each will travel to London UK for the Global Photography Awards Black Tie Gala & Ceremony with Luxury Accommodations at the Le Méridien Piccadilly.

Grand Prize - $150,000

1st Place - $25,000

2nd Place - $20,000

3rd Place - $15,000

Category Winners - $6,000 per Category


Contest Start Date: 1 July 2015 (Midnight GMT)

Final Submission Deadline: 31 December 2015 (Midnight GMT)

Initial Voting: 1 January 2016 (Midnight GMT) Through 29 February 2016 (Midnight GMT)

Top 4 Photos in each sub-category will face off: 4 March 2016 – 18 March 2016

Category Winners Announced: 19 March 2016

Semifinalists Announced: 20 March 2016

Winner Announced: 30 April 2016 televised live from London.


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