Submit a Competition Notice

Before telling us about a competition please check our Rights Off List to see if we already know about it.

One of the campaign contributors will check the T&C's of competitions you tell us about and if they fail to comply with the Artists Bill of Rights the competition title and other details will be published on the Rights Off list. Your contact info will NOT, of course, be published.

Additionally all competition notices are automatically stored in a data base. Subsequently some will be selected; a Rights Off report will be submitted to the organiser and correspondence initiated with the aim of persuading them to change their terms and conditions and winning their support for the Artists' Bill of Rights.

We hope you will understand current resource limits prevent us from engaging in this way with every organisation and that you will continue to send notices.

Completing the Form

If you wish to tell us about a contest, or have an enquiry about any competition, enter the details in the boxes below and press the "Submit" button. The only boxes that must be completed are the ones highlighted with an asterisk.

Your contact details will only be used so we may respond to your enquiry. They will never be revealed or published, however you can omit your contact details if you prefer.

Please use the following online form to report a competition.
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