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World Photography Awards; Student Focus


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Sony World Photography Awards; Student Focus Competition

Entry Start; 1 June 2011  Entry Close 25 November 2011

Student Focus is the global education programme created by WPO. Student Focus offers an international platform to support and connect the next generation of photographers. Throughout the year Student Focus also engages with academic institutions and organises talks, forums, exhibitions, symposiums, portfolio sessions and of course the largest programme of them all - the annual Student Focuscompetition. Join this growing network of students worldwide...

With 200 international institutions already participating, become part of the Student Focus community and join this rapidly growing global platform. Is your university signed up for Student Focus yet? If not, get your university registered today!


“An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
Splash! Silence again.”

Matsuo Basho

Matsuo Basho, one of the early masters of Japanese haiku poems, begins one of his most famous poems, The Old Pond, with an observation about the nature of the pond and then explains the action taken by the frog. At the end of the second line, the poem changes from observation to reflection, as Basho explains in the third line what he heard as a result of this moment in time. The poem captures a brief moment in time, showing that the pond returns to the state of silence in which it began.

Due to the philosophy of haiku, and the necessity of choosing just the right word to capture the moment and meet the syllabic requirements, it poses a creative and interesting challenge to writers.

We want you, as a photographer, to take on a role similar to that of a haiku poet and create one image that depicts a ‘fleeting moment’; or as in the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson ‘the decisive moment’.

Find out more about how you can participate in the Student Focus competition here.


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