The Competition


THE APA AWARDS 2011 NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION open to both APA members and non-members, provides a great opportunity to showcase the work of talented photographers from across the country and world. It is a celebration of photography and recognition of extraordinary image making. The competition goals are:

  • To encourage and recognize outstanding work that reflects personal vision as well as technical excellence.
  • To increase market opportunities through vigorous post-competition promotion.
  • To educate and inspire.

In keeping with the APA brand, photographers are encouraged to submit work that reflects forethought and planning, is message driven (away from generic images), and without a doubt, exemplifies technical excellence.

APA is pleased to have Dripbook as the submission host for The APA Awards 2011 National Photo Competition. Dripbook provides powerful, easy-to-use, and fresh promotional tools for creative professionals that promote your work on customized personal websites, iPhone interface, the Dripbook website and more.

New for 2011, $2000 CASH Prize to the Best of Show, Sponsored by Canon USA as part of the $11,000 Best of Show Prizes.


  • Lifestyle
  • Portrait
  • Fashion
  • Action (Sports / Adventure)
  • Still-Life
  • Landscape
  • Architectural
  • Personal / Fine Art


  • Student work is judged as its own category with any mix of image type

ENTRY DEADLINE: September 18, 2011

For further information please visit the competition website.

Complies with the Bill of Rights

This competition meets all the standards set out in

the Bill of Rights For Artists

traffic-light-goCompetitions which meet all the standards set out in the Bill of Rights For Artistsdo not do any of the following -
  • claim copyright
  • claim exclusive use
  • seek waiving of moral rights
  • fail to give a credit for all free usage
  • add, alter, or remove metadata from submissions
  • seek usage rights other than for promoting the contest and no other purpose. Note that a book, posters, cards, or a calendar are seen as legitimate ways of promoting the contest and defraying costs
  • seek free usage rights in excess of 5 years
  • use the submissions commercially without the entrant's agreement, and such commercial usage is to be subject to a freely negotiated license independently of the competition.
  • make it a condition of winning that an entrant must sign a commercial usage agreement
  • fail to publish all documents on the competition website that an entrant may have to sign
  • fail to name the judges for this or last year's competition
  • fail to explicitly state all the organisations who will acquire rights to the submissions
  • set a closing date more than 18 months after the contest launch date
  • fail to make clear statements of rights claimed and how submissions are used.

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The above text may be reproduced providing a link is given to the Bill of Rights For Artists.Any text reproduced above in italics has been extracted from a competition website for the purposes of review.Organisations who would like to be promoted as a Bill of Rights Supporter and have their competitions promoted on the Rights On List can use this contact form. One of the campaign team will get in touch with you.

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