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traffic-light-stop"Correos and the Camino have been walking together for centuries. We cross paths with pilgrims following their different routes daily, and thanks to them we have learnt how we can be of help before, during and after the Camino." Home page

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Competitions seeking submissions of creative works from the public, works such as photos, videos, poems, music, etc., are reviewed by the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign. The reviews will help you decide if you should participate.

Rights have a value and you are free to decide what that value is. If a person or organisation wants to use your work in any way, you have the right to grant or refuse permission and to set a fee for a specific use. More information about intellectual property rights and their value to you can be read in our Guide to Rights & Licensing.

We thank the potential entrant who submitted this competition to us. It clearly belongs on the Rights Off list.

The Symbols of Camino de Santiago; closing date, 31 August 2019

"This is not the first time Correos and iPeregrinos organize a Photography contest. In fact, this will be the fourth year in a row that this photography contest for Camino pilgrims is active.

"Last year, the theme of this contest was: "The Colors of the Camino de Santiago”. Over 600 photographs were uploaded showing the variety of colors along the Camino de Santiago."


(Quoted in order of appearance in the terms and conditions)

1. The procedure to take part in this competition consists of uploading 1 or several photographs taken on the Camino de Santiago to the specific application of the page on Facebook “El Camino con Correos”

2. The participants in this competition exclusively cede to Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos S.A, S.M.E with no time limit, all present and future rights of use of the images that form part of the photographs presented at this competition, on any known support or which may be developed in future, including rights of reproduction, public communication, transformation, modification, printing, publication, dissemination and communication, by any procedure and modality, in both Spain and abroad.

The entirety of the rights arising from the images included in the photographs presented at this competition will be the property of Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos S.A, S.M.E, reserving the property rights and rights of use, even their total or partial replicas, for an unlimited space of time, without prejudice of reserving unwaiverable rights on copyright legally recognised to their author.

Each of the works presented at this competition will remain the custody of Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos S.A, S.M.E which will be free to use them but citing their authorship, except when the author states his/her wishes to remain anonymous. …

Should the author wish to make use of the work presented at the Competition, this may be requested from Correos. By virtue of the foregoing, CORREOS may carry out by itself, or through the intervention of an authorised third party, any publication in any media, material and on present and/or future support and reproduce all or part of the images that form part of the photographs presented at the competition.


The following notes explain how the above terms and conditions affect your rights in respect of any works you submit to the above competition or appeal.

  1. Competitions that require entry via social media should be avoided. You are submitting work to two sets of terms and conditions - that of the organizer and that of the social media platform. Similarly, it has not been legally affirmed that by uploading to a social media platform, the organizers may download the work and claim copyright. Because the organizers claim their right to arbitration only in the Law Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, a challenge would be difficult.

  2. The terms and conditions are claiming your copyright. This extraordinary condition is stated three times in the terms, so the organizers make it entirely clear they will take all your rights, forever. Legal ownership will be transferred to the organisation. You will not be permitted to use or reproduce your work again without permission from the new owner. You will lose all moral rights, even though the organizers claim they will credit you. As above, organizers claim their right to arbitration only in the Law Courts and Tribunals of Madrid. If you even thought you had a case, good luck.

For further guidance please read the Bill of Rights for Artists, particularly our Bill of Rights Principles. Cite these principles when contacting organizers.


Contact the organiser via social media (below) and urge them to adopt the principles set out in the Artists' Bill of Rights.

Twitter: @elcaminocorreos
Instagram: @elcaminoconcorreos 

The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign depends on your active support, your help will make a difference.

About the Artists' Bill of Rights

The Artists' Bill of Rights principles for Creative Competitions

Competitions which meet all the standards set out in the Bill of Rights For Artists DO NOT do any of the following -

  • claim copyright
  • claim exclusive use
  • seek waiving of moral rights
  • fail to give a credit for all free usage
  • add, alter, or remove metadata from submissions
  • seek usage rights other than for promoting the contest and no other purpose. Note that a book, posters, cards, or a calendar are seen as legitimate ways of promoting the contest and defraying costs
  • seek free usage rights in excess of 3 years
  • use the submissions commercially without the entrant's agreement, and such commercial usage is to be subject to a freely negotiated license independently of the competition.
  • make it a condition of winning that an entrant must sign a commercial usage agreement
  • fail to publish all documents on the competition website that an entrant may have to sign
  • fail to name the judges for this or last year's competition
  • fail to explicitly state all the organisations who will acquire rights to the submissions
  • set a closing date more than 18 months after the contest launch date
  • fail to make clear statements of rights claimed and how submissions are used.

We have written an Organisers Guide to the Bill of Rights to help organisers draft terms and conditions that respect the rights of entrants and at the same time provide legal protection for the organiser.

© Artists Bill of Rights


The above text may be reproduced providing a link is given to the Artists' Bill of Rights.

Any text reproduced in italics in this report has been extracted from a competition or appeal website for the purposes of review.

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