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AMG is the owner and distributor of a number of footwear, outdoor and snow brands including Vango, Lichfield, Phoenix, Blacks of Greenock, Trangia and others.  Vango, established in Scotland offer a range of outdoor products including tents, rucsac's, sleeping bags, stoves and various accessories.

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Competitions or appeals seeking submissions of creative works from the public, works such as photos, videos, poems, music, etc., are reviewed by the Bill of Rights campaign. The reviews are to help you decide whether you should participate in the competition or appeal. The only thing you need to understand is that when you create a work (e.g. a photo) the law automatically makes you the sole beneficiary of certain rights over that work (but see note 1 below). These rights are called intellectual property rights.

Rights have a value and you are free to decide what that value is. If a person or organisation would like to use your work to promote something, you have the right to refuse permission, or to set a fee for a specific use and decide how long they may use it. More information about intellectual property rights and their value to you as an individual can be read in our Guide to Rights & Licensing. Listed on the next tab are some competitions or appeals promoted by the above organisation. For each we detail how the organisation's terms and conditions will exploit your rights to their advantage for works you submit to their competition or appeal.

The main aims of the Bill of Rights Campaign are to help everyone understand that their intellectual property rights have a value and to encourage competition and appeal organisers to adopt the standards set out in the Bill of Rights for Artists.

Note 1. Rights for works created as an employee are usually owned by your employer.

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How this Organisation's Competitions or Appeals are Listed

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Listed below in order of closing date are the competitions or appeals promoted by this organisation that have been reviewed by the Bill of Rights for Artists campaign. To see the review of each competition or appeal just click on its title and a window will open to reveal its details.

The following information is provided for each competition or appeal;

  • the terms and conditions that impact on your intellectual property rights for any works you submit;

  • an explanation of how the terms and conditions will affect you and the rights you have in any work you submit to it;

  • a list of any other organisations sponsoring the competition or appeal;

  • who you should contact and how to complain to the organisation concerned.

Vango Photography Competition; closing date 18 December 2009


Vango Photography Competition

Closing Date 18th December 2009


Vango, part of the UK AMG Group, headquartered in Scotland, want keen campers, outdoor enthusiasts and photographers: professionals, amateurs and novices alike, to send in the snaps of their camping trips or them generally enjoying the great outdoors either alone or with family and friends.

Now note the rights they require in the following extract from the rules.

8. By entering, any subsequent prize winners agree to allow the free use of their names, photographs and general locations for publicity and news purposes during this and future promotions by AMG Group or any associated or subsidiary company including third parties.

9. AMG Group reserves the right to publish all or parts of entries, and publication does not necessarily mean that the entrant has won a prize. AMG Group reserves the right to edit entries in its discretion for publication in any form or media. Copyright for the winning images will be transferred to AMG Group when they are selected by the judges as winners. Hence AMG Group and any third party authorised by AMG Group will be fully entitled to edit, publish and fuse all or segments of each entry in any and all media (including print and online) for publicity and news purposes.

10. Completion and submission of a photograph will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  1. The terms and conditions are claiming your copyright.  You are no longer the owner of your work and you may not use or reproduce it for any purpose whatsoever without permission.

  2. The terms and conditions do not state you will always be credited when your work is reproduced.

  3. The terms and conditions are granting the organiser unlimited use of your work for ever. For non-winning works a usage time limit of 3 years or less should be set with usage limited solely to promoting the competition or appeal. Winning works can be used for ever but only in a permanent winners gallery with the sole purpose of promoting a recurring competition or appeal.

  4. The terms and conditions grant the organiser the right to use your work beyond that needed to promote the competition or appeal. Your work will be used for other purposes. Usage of your work should be restricted solely to promoting the competition or appeal.  If the organisation wishes to use your work for any other purpose the organisation should negotiate with you independently of the competition. You should have the right to negotiate an appropriate fee for the specific use they want to make of your work and to set a time limit on such use. You should also have the right to refuse use of your work. For further information on fees and licensing refer to the Introduction to Rights and Licensing.

The reader is referred to the Bill of Rights for Artists for more detail regarding the above issues.


None listed


To complain to the organiser use this email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To visit the competition website click the competition title above to submit the free image we have created. Note that the competition link may cease to work at some point after the competition results are announced.

You can help the Bill of Rights campaign by complaining to the organiser urging them to change their terms and conditions.  If time is at a premium for you we have prepared a complaint email which you can copy and send to the organiser. Alternatively, or as well as, you can submit the free image we have prepared to register your complaint simply by entering the free image to the contest.

Where a contest automatically displays entrants images on the contest website as they arrive the free image can also be used to test the competition and determine if it is stripping metadata. The test results can be submitted to a survey by the Controlled Vocabulary Group.

The Bill of Rights campaign depends on your active support, your help will make a difference.

Updated on 23 September 2009


Failing the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights Standards for Creative Competitions

Competitions which meet all the standards set out in the Bill of Rights For Artists do not do any of the following -

  • claim copyright
  • claim exclusive use
  • seek waiving of moral rights
  • fail to give a credit for all free usage
  • add, alter, or remove metadata from submissions
  • seek usage rights other than for promoting the contest and no other purpose. Note that a book, posters, cards, or a calendar are seen as legitimate ways of promoting the contest and defraying costs
  • seek free usage rights in excess of 3 years
  • use the submissions commercially without the entrant's agreement, and such commercial usage is to be subject to a freely negotiated license independently of the competition.
  • make it a condition of winning that an entrant must sign a commercial usage agreement
  • fail to publish all documents on the competition website that an entrant may have to sign
  • fail to name the judges for this or last year's competition
  • fail to explicitly state all the organisations who will acquire rights to the submissions
  • set a closing date more than 18 months after the contest launch date
  • fail to make clear statements of rights claimed and how submissions are used.

    We have written an Organisers Guide to the Bill of Rights to help organisers draft terms and conditions that respect the rights of entrants and at the same time provide legal protection for the organiser.

    Bill of Rights Supporters Group


    The above text may be reproduced providing a link is given to the Bill of Rights For Artists.

    Any text reproduced above in italics has been extracted from a competition website for the purposes of review.

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