A Free Image For Rights Grabbers

You can complain to the organisers of competitions we list on the Rights Off List or Competition Notice List by submitting the image below to their competitions.


Download this image to your computer and use as necessary. To download the image right click on it  (Command click on a Mac) then use the 'save as' option that pops up to save the image to a location on your computer's hard drive.

This image now serves two purposes;

  1. to lodge a complaint to the competition organiser,
  2. to test the competition and find out if it is stripping metadata from entrants images.

With regard to the second purpose this 'free image' has a full complement of embedded metadata courtesy of the Controlled Vocabulary resource founded by David Riecks.  Many competitions display on the contest website images as they are uploaded by entrants. In such competitions just upload the 'free image' as your entry to the contest. It is then a very simple matter to determine if they have stripped metadata by using Jeffrey Friedl's Online Metadata Viewer to check the 'free image' on the contest website and then record the findings in Controlled Vocabulary's metadata preservation survey results.

The stripping of metadata is a serious problem, we hope you will also use the 'free image' to contribute to Controlled Vocabulary's metadata preservation survey where you will find full information about how to do so.

NB If you downloaded the 'free image' prior to 27 March 2011 please download it again - it has been significantly altered.

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