Bill of Rights Condition 4                                                              


Judges named and brief biographical details given

The experience and background of the judges selected for a creative competition is an important factor for you to consider. You will want to know that your work is going to be fairly judged by someone with experience in the artistic discipline represented by your work.  You cannot be reassured on this issue when competitions fail to provide you with details of the judges.

Thus The Bill of Rights condition 4 urges that all the judges for a contest be named and brief biographical details given. From the competition organisers point of view this is likely to encourage more people to enter their competition and from your point of view gives you confidence that your work will be judged fairly.

In some competitions, to safeguard against any attempt to influence this years judges, details of this year's judges are not published, the judge's details for last year's competition are given instead. This is an acceptable practice in that you can still ascertain that judges of relevant experience are being used.

In the case of the first year of an annual contest where the organisers wishes to avoid the judges being influenced they can be named after the winners are announced.

Be wary of cCompetitions that never publish who the judges are or their experience. If you would like to know more about copyright and related rights please read our Guide to Rights and Licensing.

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