Bill of Rights Condition 2                                                              


Your work should only be used to promote the contest

Competitions should only use any works you submit to it to promote the contest, and no other purpose.

Your works should be used non-exclusively and only for the following purposes -

  1. Promoting the contest.

  2. This includes sub-licensing reproductions of the works to the press and media to promote the competition and any related exhibition.

  3. This includes publication in a competition book, posters, postcards or calendar.

  4. This includes publication within any materials promoting the competition or any exhibition of works from this competition.

The allowed uses are non-exclusive because this allows you to continue to use and benefit from the rights in your work. Do not enter contests that require exclusive use of your work.

If you would like to know more about copyright and related rights please read our Guide to Rights and Licensing.


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