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Usage Limits for Books

Some competitions will create a book of the works submitted to the competition, usually the winning ones. Such a book promotes the works, the creators, the contest, and is a legitimate product of the competition benefiting both the organisers and the creators. Competitions incur costs and it is right that the organiser is able to defray such costs by selling products that promote the competition, the creators of the works submitted, and of course the creators of the works.

It is not an aim of Artists' Bill of Rights to inhibit the creation of profit from a contest as such, only to prevent the unecessary loss to creators of rights and to prevent the creation of libraries of works free of usage restraints.

The maximum usage rights that can be claimed in contest rules with respect to the publication of books containing the contest images are as follows -

Competition Book; This book will only contain the images submitted to a particular competition.

Compilation Books; Typically this would be a book containing the best of 'XYZ' competition. Compilations may contain the best of images submitted to any of the contests of a specific competition in the last five years.

If you would like to know more about copyright and related rights please read our Guide to Rights and Licensing.

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