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  • Rights On List ( 191 Articles )

    traffic-light-goThe competitions listed below have all met the standards set out in the Bill of Rights For Artists and are recommended because they respect the public's intellectual property rights. Click any competition title for further details.

    Note: The competitions are listed in order of closing date. That date is also included in the post's title.

    Competitions that do not meet all the standards set out in the Artists' Bill of Rights are listed on the The Rights Off List. Organisations that support the Bill of Rights are listed here.

  • Rights Off List ( 202 Articles )

    traffic-light-stopThe full list of competitions and appeals that fail to comply with the Bill of Rights are listed on the Competition Notice List. For some of the organisations running failed competitions we have created a detailed 'Rights Off' report which can be accessed by clicking any organisation name in the list below. Each Rights Off report gives some information about the organisation concerned and how the T&C's of their various competitions affect your intellectual property rights. Just click on any organisation to see their Rights Off report. Each list title below shows the organisation's name, country, and status (government, charitable or a non profit organisation). Note 't/a' in the title means 'trading as'. 

  • Other Lists ( 3 Articles )

    This category contains the competition notice list and and other statistical reports concerning competitions.

  • Bill of Rights Conditions ( 15 Articles )

    This category contains the articles that are linked to from Rights Off and Rights On reports to give the reader further explanatory material about various matters concerning intellectual property rights.

  • Link Articles ( 3 Articles )

    This category contains various articles referred to and linked to from Rights On and Rights Off reports.

  • Posters ( 6 Articles )

    Campaign posters will be held here, one article for each so that this section/category [Competition Lists/Posters] can be used as an input to a poster slideshow. founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

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